The Illustrated Atlas of Human Physiology


Featuring 20 charts of human physiology

The third in the Illustrated Atlas series of portfolios provides an overview of the functions of the human body. This 20 plate collection includes titles on blood pressure, respiration and digestion. Ideal for students, patient education and the informed consumer, this portfolio is suitable for the home, school library or physician’s office.

• 25 Illustrated plates: 12pt stock & UV coated
• Over 225 illustrations and diagrams
• 5 – 21.5″ x 14″ fold outs

Soft cover, perfect bound, 11″ x 14″

List of 20 physioloy titles
Metabolism & Heat Regulation
Skin Growth & Repair
Bone & Bone Growth
Muscle Action
How Joints Work — Spread
CFS & The Brain
Neurons & Synaptic Transmission — Spread
Taste & Smell
Sensors & Receptors
Blood & Blood Pressure
The Cardiac Cycle
Lymphocytes & the Immune System — Spread
Hormonal Action
The Digestive Process
Respiration and Gas Exchange — Spread
Fluid Balance & Filtration
Human Reproductive Systems
Nutrition & Metabolism — Spread

Item: PHYS-20

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ISBN: 9781932922981

Item: PHYS-20


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