The Illustrated Atlas of Human Anatomy


Featuring 25 anatomical charts of the human body

Our economical portfolio provides an overview of the systems of the human body. This 25 plate collection also features coverage on specific topics, such as The Brain, The Eye and The Liver. Ideal for students, patient education and the informed consumer, this portfolio is suitable for the home, school library or physician’s office.

• 25 Illustrated plates: 12pt stock & UV coated
• Over 230 illustrations and diagrams

Soft cover, perfect bound, 11″ x 14″

List of 25 anatomical titles
The Skeletal System
The Vertebral Column
The Skull
The Muscular System
The Hip & Knee
The Shoulder & Elbow
The Foot & Ankle
The Hand & Wrist
The Vascular System
The Heart
The Pulmonary System
The Respiratory System
The Nervous System
The Brain
The Eye
The Ear
The Skin
The Digestive System
The Teeth
The Liver
The Urinary System
The Lymphatic System
The Endocrine System
Male Reproductive System
Female Reproductive System

Item: ATLAS-25

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ISBN: 9781932922950

Item: ATLAS-25


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