Anatomy & Physiology Coloring Book


The Scientific Publishing coloring book covers the 12 systems of the human body, plus 2 additional sections: Cells & Tissues and Pregnancy & Birth. Companion to our best selling Scientific Publishing Flash Cards, our coloring book utilizes line artwork and supporting text to help break-down complex anatomical topics. Drawing on our extensive image library, more than 425 illustrations describe human anatomy, along with coverage of selected physiology topics designed to support the anatomical content. Coloring encourages active involvement during the study process, creating visual associations to assist in learning the complex subject of human anatomy. The 8 1/2″ x 11″ book lays flat for ease of coloring and viewing. Pages are perforated, allowing each page to be removed for individual topic study. Pages are printed single sided on heavy stock, helping to prevent bleed-through.

Divided into 14 sections:
Introduction – including anatomical terms
Cells and Tissues – building blocks of the human body
The Integumentary System – with skin sensors
The Skeletal System – including the bone growth cycle
The Muscular System – along with coverage of selected joints
The Nervous System – including the reflex arc
The Endocrine System – with descriptions of hormones
The Vascular System – including coverage of the cardiac cycle
The Lymphatic System – important in the body’s defenses
The Respiratory System – following the path of inhaled air
The Digestive System – including associated organs
The Urinary System – emphasizing filtration
The Reproductive System – covering female and male
Pregnancy & Birth – from fertilization to birth


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